Queen’s Court Scholarship Pageant

    A few important requirements:

  • Contestants must not have, nor ever have had a child and they must not be pregnant.
  • Contestants must not have a criminal record. This includes, but is not limited to, any misdemeanor (i.e. minor in posession, driving under the influence, criminal mischief, destruction of property, etc.)
  • Contestants MAY NOT use alcohol or any form of illegal drug, smoke or use tobacco in any form.
  • Contestants must have a passing grade-point average to enter the pageant and must maintain a passing grade-point. Written proof will be required in the form of the contestant’s last report card to be provided to the director of the pageant no later than the application deadline.
  • Any contestant who may be related to any Kerr County Fair Association board member will not be allowed to enter the pageant, unless said board member agrees to be absent from the board room during discussion of pageant and court business. Said board member may not vote on any matter that concerns the pageant or court member.
  • All applications are subject to acceptance by Kerr County Fair Association board members by a majority vote of the member present. No explanation will be given to the prospective contestant, if denied. All board decisions are final. Should an application be denied, your photo and any fees collected will be returned.
  • With the exception of local service organizations or school functions, Court Members may not hold any other title or enter any other pageant (unless sanctioned by the Kerr County Fair Association board).
  • Contestants will provide a black and white 5”x7” head shot photo of themselves to accompany the application fee of $25.00. This photo will be judged for most photogenic. Please send only one picture for Most Photogenic; the pageant coordinator is not responsible for choosing pictures.
  • Contestants will provide sponsorship money of at least $500.00. This sponsorship money may come from one or more sources. Contestant receiving the most sponsorship dollars will receive an additional award. Completed application and fee, sponsorship money, and photo must be received by October 11, 2017.
  • Each contestant must submit, in written form (hand written or typed), an essay of at least 250 words with their application. The essay should state (a) what they think being a member of the Kerr County Fair Queen’s Court means to them, (b) why they would be a good court member, (c) why they want to serve as a member of the Kerr County Fair Queen’s Court. Contestants will present this essay to the judges, with which the judges will choose the best essay for an addition award. The winner will read their essay during the pageant ceremonies.
  • Contestants are required to participate in the Kerr County Fair parade that will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Parade entry may consist of anything the contestant wishes, as long as it is with good taste.
  • Contestants are financially responsible for their own wardrobe. This includes the pageant and the Queen’s Court if chosen.

Download the 2017 Queens Pageant Packet