Prospect Show

Prospect Show

4-H Youth Development Organization 4H & FFA Jack-Pot Shows National FFA Organization

Location: Hill Country Youth Exhibit Center
Hwy. 27 East
Kerrville, TX
Entry Fee: $20.00 (Cash Only)
For More Information: Kerr County Cooperative Extension Office
3655 San Antonio Hwy.
Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 257-6568
ONLY school aged youth allowed to show (K-12th grades)
(4H Emblem) (FFA Emblem)

General Rules & Regulations

1. Exhibitors, entries and awards shall comply with general Fair rules and the following specific rules. Interpretations and applications will be made by the Jackpot Show Committee and/or the Fair Executive Board.
2. The entrant shall be a member in good standing of a 4-H Club or FFA Chapter and under the supervision of an Agriculture Science Teacher, or County Extension Agent and currently enrolled in K through 12th grades in a public, private or accredited home school.
3. ALL EXHIBITS MUST BE OWNED BY EXHIBITOR. All exhibits must be an actual part of the exhibitor’s current project, under his or her individual management and/or regular care. All projects will be subject to inspection by the Jackpot Show Committee at any time during the duration of the project. All exhibitors must comply with the general rules of the Kerr County Fair Association.
4. Any exhibitor, parent or guardian of exhibitor, agriculture science teacher, 4-H leader or county agent who knowingly violates or condones the violation of any rule or rules shall be subject to immediate discipline and possible removal form the show.
5. No overnight camping allowed on the Fairground, except with special written permission from the Kerr County Fair Association.
6. NO HEALTH CERTICATES REQUIRED. According to Texas Animal Health Commission publication 91-34 dated February 25, 1991, rule 5.D.2, livestock and poultry originating in Texas and entering all other shows, fair, exhibitions (i.e. county & local shows) are exempt from entry permit, certificate of veterinary inspection and testing requirements, except poultry must originate from flocks or hatcheries free from pullorum disease and fowl typhoid or have a negative pullorum-typhoid test within 30 days before exhibition.
7. No animal of any kind will leave the Fairgrounds from check in until check out unless required by Jackpot Show Committee or Kerr County Fair Association.
8. STALLING AND CARING FOR EXHIBITS: Superintendents will stall all animals in a group. Exhibitors will bed, feed, keep exhibit clean and cared for throughout the Fair.
9. SHOWING: Failure to appear in the arena to show as number is called automatically eliminates participant.
10. Kerr County Fair Association will not be responsible for accidents, theft or any other loss.


  • Dane Lee
    September 19, 2017

    Who are the judges for the lamb & goat shows?

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