Creative Arts

Creative Arts Department

Division 1 Arts and Crafts
Division 2 Photography
Division 3 Textiles
Division 4 Horticulture
Crops – Canning – Products
Division 5 Baking and Candy

General Rules & Instructions
1. Exhibitors must be residents of KERR, BANDERA, EDWARDS, GILLESPIE, KENDALL, KIMBLE, or REAL counties.
2. NO ENTRY FEES. An exhibitor entry tag must be filled out completely by each exhibitor. Entries must be entered by one individual unless otherwise specified. Entry divisions are: Arts and Crafts, Painting-Fine Arts, Photography, Needlework, Quilts, Sewing, Horticulture, Crops and Product, Canning, Baking and Candy.
3. Individual entries will be checked in and accepted on Thursday, October 26, 2017 beginning 1:00 pm and ending 6:00 pm. Judging will begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Exhibitors are not allowed in exhibit area during judging.
4. Entries must be the work of exhibitor and completed since October 25, 2016 unless otherwise noted. Quilts can take more than one year for completion due to complexity. All work must be completed. No soiled or unsightly entries will be accepted. Exhibitors’ name must not be affixed where it is visible.
5. Baked goods and candy will be checked in and accepted on Saturday, October 28, 2017 beginning 9:00 am thru 10:00 am. Enter grounds at main admissions gate on Hwy 27. Judging begins at 10:30am. Exhibitors may not be in judging area. Enter whole cake, pie, and loaf of bread. For candy, cookies, sweet rolls and muffins: one dozen (12) per entry. Only prepared pecans are accepted, such as spiced pecans or sugar pecans. All exhibits must be homemade, no cake mixes or pre-made pie crusts. Exhibits must not be cut prior to judging. All food exhibits must be covered with clear plastic wrap upon arrival, no exceptions. Baked goods that might require refrigeration shall not be accepted.
6. Canned foods must be in “Standard Containers”, ie. Ball or Kerr pints only, but jellies, jams and preserves may be in ½ pint jars. Containers should be clean and free from rust on the outside. Any jar not sealed will be disqualified. No wax seals. Dried foods or honey do not have to be entered in “Standard Containers”.
7. Plants must be grown by exhibitor and in possession six (6) weeks prior to the Fair. Only dish gardens and terrariums may contain decorations. Exhibitor is responsible for watering plants. No water containers will be left in or around exhibit area.
8. Fine Arts must be framed and ready to hang with wire strung from side to side as least two (2) inches from the top of the frame. Exhibitors’ name must not be affixed where it is visible. Large or heavy paintings are accepted at the option of the Fair Committee.
9. Photography should be either matted or flush mounted on mounting board. Check with photo labs, frame shops or camera supply houses for options. (Warning: many glues and rubber cement will bleed through photo.) The displaying matte should not be larger than 11” X 14”, with an 8” X 10” cut out. Any make of camera or negative size is eligible. By submitting a photograph, the exhibitor grants to the Kerr County Fair Association the right to publish, promote, and exhibit such photographs and the name of the photographer. Exhibitors’ name must not be affixed to the photograph where it is visible.
10. The Division Superintendents and assistants are authorized and responsible for receiving entries for each Division and reserve the right to accept or reject entries, depending on the condition or suitability for exhibit. Exhibits must be checked in as set forth in the special rules for each Division.
11. Professional classes are available in the Arts and Crafts, Quilts, Painting, Needlework, Horticulture, and Sewing Divisions. A professional is defined as one who earns more than 49% of their income from their field of entry, or has had formal training in that field or who teaches.
12. First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place ribbons will be awarded in each Class. Best of Show in each Division will be awarded a Rosette ribbon. Judges decisions are final.
13. Entries may be checked out Sunday, October 29, 2017 beginning at 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted. All exhibitors must check out their items at the time stated. Kerr County Fair Association is not responsible for items left in the exhibit area after checkout.
14. Care will be exercised to avoid damage to any article. Security service is provided. Every precaution will be taken to protect all articles. In no case will the Kerr County Fair Association be responsible for damage, theft, breakage, or any other type of loss, and it is upon these conditions that exhibits are entered and received for show in the Fair.