About Us

Annual Member

An annual member is any person twenty one or older who resides in Kerr, Bandera, Real, Edwards, Kimble, Gillespie, or Kendall counties and whose application for membership has been accepted by the Board of Directors. Board of Directors shall also be referred to as Board Members. Each member shall be entitled to vote at all regular, annual, and specially called meetings of the Board. An annual member attends at least nine of twelve regular board meetings, serves on committees, actively participates in the annual Kerr County Fair, and promotes the welfare of the family, home, and community. Membership is renewed annually. Regular board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.


Kimberly Rodgers – President
Pat Parker – Vice President
Mellissa Zales – Secretary
Emily Smith – Treasurer
Bobby Pickens – Parliamentarian

Walker Howell ~~ Danny Smith
Margaret Higgins ~~ Bridget Vincent
Angela Fiedler ~~ Larry Webb
Catie Parker ~~ Greg White
Chad Parker ~~ Don Yarbrough
Joel Rodgers ~~ Sandra Yarbrough


Kerr County Commissioner’s Court
Tom Pollard – County Judge
H.A. “Buster” Baldwin – Precinct #1
Tom Moser – Precinct #2
Jonathan Letz – Precinct #3
Bob Reeves – Precinct #4
Roy Walston – County Extension Agent – Ag/NR

BYLAWS – Revised July 2014

The Kerr County Fair Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing the residents of Kerr, Bandera, Real, Edwards, Kimble, Gillespie and Kendall counties an opportunity to exhibit their skills and receive recognition for their achievements; promoting the welfare of the family, home and community.